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Sushi lovers are passionate about sushi – and with good reason! Positioned perfectly for today’s health-conscious foodies, sushi has its origins as peasant food. Made of natural, often local ingredients and comprised of commonly available rice, fish, and vegetables, sushi is simple, healthy food – exactly what today’s choosy diners and busy families desire.

FOXY SUSHI features:
• Fresh, made-to-order sushi at affordable prices
• Fast-casual dining for our fast-paced lifestyles
• Convenient takeout and delivery
• COVID-friendly dine-in and patio experiences
• And … can you say drive-thru sushi?

FOXY SUSHI is excited to pioneer fresh, made-to-order sushi rolls with the convenience of a drive-thru!

Fresh, Fast, Convenient, Fairly priced, and Fun for the whole Family, FOXY is rolling sushi so you can enjoy fresh dinner fast every night of the week. The drive-thru is no longer limited to burgers, fries, and tacos. When you want an alternative to standard fast food, FOXY SUSHI offers seasoned rice, vegetables, fish, chicken, dumplings, and more! We look forward to seeing you soon and often.

Itadakimasho!!! That’s Japanese for … Let’s eat!!


Simply Delicious

Restaurant Features

Fresh Menu

Nutritious food – rice, vegetables, seafood, and even a delicious panko chicken option for those still new to sushi. Something for everyone!

Various Drinks

Our beverage menu features unique bubble smoothies, coconut juice, unsweetened tea, and filtered water. Coca-Cola soft drinks round out the options.

Exclusive Dishes

Our menu is deliberately simple, but there are selections for every pallet … mild, spicy, cool, crunchy, raw, cooked, fish, crab, shrimp, squid, chicken, and more. Come join us!

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